Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow-woah woah woah

Woah baby. 


We woke this morning to "heaps" of snow (as my sis LeeAnn would say).

Did you see my post yesterday (i NEVER post on Sundays) - it was noteworthy.

And amazingly, Mr. McBrayer and I weren't shredding down the mountain. Nope. We didn't want to put up with the high winds and masses of people on the two open lifts at Snowbird. Instead, we liberated Duvick and cross country skied a few miles up the canyon.

And it was glorious:
Doons blazing the trail into the trees. East Fork, Millcreek Canyon

Winds and snow-dumpage. We were definitely experiencing the elements.

Doons tolerating my picture taking. 

Duvick in the distance. 
He was in heaven. 

I forgot my hat. By the time i got back to the car, my hair was literally frozen in little dreadlock-icicles all over my head. oops

And it's only November! I'm looking forward to a long winter full of beautiful days like today!


Brooke Hereth said...

You look so great in that last picture! Sounds like TONS of fun, the tempatures here vary. One day it will be 38 degrees, the next day, 87 degrees. Come on, SNOW.

aaron said...

i don't think i will ever get over how weird it is to hear about snow else where while we are in the 70s. right now it is awesome, but i suppose some day i would like some snow again, ha.

Erin said...

Hi - I was planning to link to this post on the Tribune's hike blog, and I wanted to see how you'd feel about me posting one of your snow pictures to compare to a picture from the same area at the same time last year. You can call me at (801) 257-8609 or email . Thanks so much!