Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A job

Friends, thank you for your numerous prayers and months and months of moral support. Tomorrow is my first day at The Tracy Aviary, exactly one mile up the road from my house in Salt Lake City.  The pay is not too great and I'll only be working 12-18 hours/week so I'm still looking for something else to do in addition to this. BUT, I am so grateful to finally have a job after these 9 months of searching!
Woman with parrots
The Aviary is a local non-profit and I love what they do when it comes to conservation and education. It is literally a bird haven here at the foot of the Wasatch! I will be working in their development department. I am so happy to get to continue to work in development - it is really valuable work and I am grateful to be able to have jobs that I think are important and contribute to something great. I have been working in development with ACSl these last 4 years and have learned a lot and I have been looking for jobs in the field so this is great!

From now on you can just call me "Bird Lady"


Merritt said...

congrats hannah. glad you found something!!! and hope you love it!

kris said...

that is great, and so close!! Isn't it closer than a mile? When we are at Liberty Park I was thinking that I need to go there- I have never been.

Sarah said...

Congrats, Hannah!

It sounds like a HOOT! (Sorry, I couldn't resist ;-)

Have a great first day!

Maryn Forney said...

yay hannah!!!!! what a cute photo : )

Brooke Hereth said...