Monday, March 7, 2011

Skiing with Doons and Dad

We've had a lot of guests at the house lately. I guess that's my excuse for not blogging these days. That, and the fact that I don't take many pictures any more, and my life seems pretty boring and un-blog-worthy.

Last week, I skied 5 days. I guess that's exciting. It was beautiful. Every day the snow was entirely different than the day before, and so was the company. From blue-bird-low-powder days to days of total snow-dumpage-into-deep-powder days, to cruisin-on-the-groomers-though-the-crud afternoons. Wow, we had a little bit of everything. And I loved each day.

Our family motto:
  "Any day on the mountain is a good day"

Landon has always said this and I entirely agree. There's not much that we love more than days in the mountains. The mountains always put my life into perspective for me. Every selfish petty issue that may blind me in my daily life completely disappears among the clear mountain air and dense evergreens. I love to be amongst the wild wilderness where there is no layer of religion or materialism or duty - just pure beauty, raw and revealing. mmmm. just love it.

Right now the clouds have enveloped my neighborhood and the snow is being heaved onto my house and front lawn in heaps. I love it.

Working this winter is a huge bummer for me. I wish i could pick and choose the days I want to ski instead of sitting at a computer in our little office trailer all week waiting for the weekend. Oh well... it just makes those days in the snow that much sweeter, i guess!


Brie said...

Aw hannah what a fun time :) i would love to go skiing sometime i just never have timee! im coming to visit you;) love u and miss you, hope to see you soon:) hope your doing well!

Brooke Hereth said...