Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beautiful Day

Even though today ended up being a work day for me, it was such a beautiful day here in Salt Lake City. We've had two weekends in a row of epic snow conditions on the mountain. Although I have not been able to ski at the resort (snif, tear, tear), it's still amazing here in the valley. I woke to 6 inches of snow this morning at our house (not too comparable to the 36" on the mountain, but i seriously won't go there.)

We had an event today at Tracy Aviary. It was fun and successful and really rewarding.
I brought my camera to work because I was planning to take pictures at the event. I stopped on my way to the work to grab a few beautiful pictures of one of my favorite places: Liberty Park, where Tracy Aviary is located. Remember, I've told you about this place before? It's where I like to take my runs. It's incredibly beautiful and holds so much local history. As well as 400 incredibly cute and exciting birds!

Welcome to weekend mornings with Hannah. I should bring you along more often. Hope you enjoy!

 Liberty Park

Tracy Aviary

It's hard to see but these 2 Black-neck Swans are nesting. They were super pissed about me walking next to them. The male is going nuts.


Debbie V. said...

You're right, it IS beautiful. The swans nesting in the snow - what a picture of hope.

Brooke Hereth said...

Wow that place is to die for. You have your own type of paradise in Utah. LOVELY(: