Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Crafting

I'm starting to looooove weekends a little more than all the other days. I can't understand how our society only allows weekends to last for 2 days. Seriously, I'm perplexed by the standard of our work/actual living ratio in our society. I understand that our work is valuable - especially mine - I love my job. I'm just not sure this is how my life should be lived. Especially for the next....40ish years.... but that's another blog for another time...

I wanted to share with you my brilliant spur-of-the-moment sewing project from the weekend. I'm so proud of this thing.

A few years ago, my sweet husband gave me a coffee press for Christmas.
It was an especially sweet gift because Landon knows that I love coffee and he doesn't drink a lick of it. What a thoughtful gift!

It brews two cups (read jumbo-regular-size) of the best coffee ever. Only, by the time I get around to my second cup it's usually cold. See, I only use my french press on weekends, because I have time to enjoy a slow brew. During the week, my machine brews 3 cups in 2 minutes and I pour it all into a thermos and take it to work.

So this weekend I tossed together (literally took me 30 minutes!) a coffee cozy. It was fun and easy to put together the pattern - the thing's a rectangle, after all. (Does this fabric look familiar?) While I was at the fabric store getting some items for my REAL weekend craft (will share that later), I picked up some insul-brite. THIS IS THE KEY INGREDIENT to anything that needs to be insulated.

Quick steps:
1. Measure the width and hight of your press and transfer that to two pieces of fabric that should be rectangles.
2. Sew the fabric with pretty sides together leaving one side open.
3. cut a piece of insul-brite to fit the fabric
4. Turn the fabric right-side out
5. insert insul-brite and finish the opened seam
6. Run a quick seam around the edge of the rectangle to make sure the insul-brite is secure inside of your pretty rectangle. Finished!

Easy, right!?

I just put some rope and buttons on there for an easy closure, but you could use velcro or even sew the two ends together and slip your press inside of it, so there is no opening at all.

I love how it turned out. And even better, my coffe was steaming-hot to the last drop!


Brandon and Callie said...

this is adorable! love the fabric :)

Brooke Hereth said...