Sunday, January 30, 2011

self indulgent shirt

While I was busy making Christmas crafts for so many months, Landon brought to my attention the fact that I had never made myself anything nice. I've crafted a lot of fun things, but things that were only extremely practical - like panty liners and grocery bags. So I decided to take on his challenge and create something special just for me. 

As I have been LOVING the sewing crafts by Meg McElwee  in her book Sew Liberated, I thought to renew my library rental and dish out a cutie project for myself. I had already made a beautiful day bag for LeeAnn for Christmas and a flannel Duvet cover from other patterns on her book. To treat myself to something special, i decided to go with the "Blossom Blouse"

This was an easy project and since I am such a novice sewer-person, I learned a lot of new techniques - like sewing with elastic, for one. If you want to enjoy some fun projects, look into Meg's book. It's awesome. 


Merritt said...

really cute hannah - i'm impressed!

kris said...

that is cute. You are a pro!

Brooke Hereth said...

i am impressed. LOVE THE SHIRT!!

Anna said...

That is awesome, Hannah. Good job!