Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nothing New

Sorry for the lack of posting and THANK YOU for the sweet comments on my blog post last week.

Nothing much new is going on here. Work and skiing dominate our lives for the most part, which is a nice balance to attempt to maintain.

We had a wonderful friend come and visit for a few days last week, which was great.

Landon's been on Spring break and the mountain received FOUR FEET of snow in the last week, so we have been loving that. Today was one of the first days that I feel like I have been able to ski powder well. I had about 5 major spills and was extremely exhausted by 2pm, but besides that, i felt like i was floating on a cloud most of the day. It was amazing!

I went to a baby shower of a girlfriend yesterday. It was nice to spend time with women and celebrate her and her coming-soon baby girl! I've spent several hours during my evenings these last couple of weeks sewing for her shower. I was very happy with the way that things turned out. And wow, baby onesies are not easy to work with - so very tiny!

Here are a few tutorials for some of the baby things that I made:



Anna said...

Cool. I would say hmmm except that you have 13 nieces and nephews! I can't wait to see you next week!!!

Brooke Hereth said...

Oh i was like, "ahhhh she is prego! but then, oh she has 13 nephews and nieves." ooops.