Monday, March 28, 2011

Bed Head

Lately, as I have been getting to work at 7am, I have been taking showers at night instead of in the morning. Instead of styling my hair after my evening shower and hoping it still looks good the next day, I've been doing something else much easier.

After my hair air-dries for about 30 minutes, I stick it up. I usually do a couple of french braids. Although the last few nights I have used the bobby-pins to stick strands of hair into little curls - it only takes a few minutes. It doesn't bother me to sleep in wet or pined/braided hair and it's awesome to wake up in the morning and just unbraid/unpin my hair while i'm eating breakfast. Easiest morning routine ever! And I actually like the way my hair usually looks, too.

If you look at yesterday's picture, you will see what the pinning looked like from the front. Here is the back:

Don't worry, i don't wear my hair like this to work. When I wake up, my hair is all over the place anyway, so I always take it down.


Brooke Hereth said...

That looks really cool!!!

BrieAnna said...

I actually really like that :) your so adorable Hannah! I miss you! If you want to get in touch with me my number is 770-843-1695 love you!!