Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring in Sugarhouse

In the last 3 days, Spring has announced its arrival here in Sugarhouse.

Three days with temps between 55-70 makes it hard to deny (and loathe) the coming of spring. I have been dreading spring. I am a cold weather person in general (i MELT in the summer) and I especially love fleece socks, mittens and sweaters - my most favorite things in my wardrobe besides Chacos. And need I even mention....skiing? Yeah, I've been dreading the end of ski season, seriously sad to even think of it.

Yesterday I went running at the park in SHORTS - the first time my legs have seen the sun in at least 6 months. But we all are pasty-white out here, no shame in that! These beautiful days have me kind of loving spring, though. How can a person loathe sunshine and flowers? Even though I know that the snow is getting slushy and slippery and ski days are numbered, I have really been loving these last few days. I am amazed at the resiliency of nature - each spring I am just reminded so much of God's power, creativity and faithfulness. We are new in Him, a new creation! I am so grateful.

Here are some signs of spring around here:

these are my 2011 Chaco's that I got from the husband for Christmas this year. By the way, can you please pretend that I got this pic off the internet and that is not actually my foot? K? Thanks.

My flowers are blooming! Every house we've lived in these last 4 years, I have planted perennials in the fall and anticipate them all winter long. I love that Dooney and I leave a tiny beautiful legacy of flowers in each place that we live - I hope that we live our lives that way too. Well, here they are this year and I LOVE THEM!! They make me so very happy.

Yesterday I busted out the tank-top. Isn't that crazy!? And all of my other warm-weather clothes are stowed away in a box in the basement (we only have one itty bitty closet in the house so it must contain seasonally appropriate clothes only). So..... I put together this 20-minute skirt this morning (tutorial from Ruffles And Stuff). Not sure what I think of it yet, but I love the large print and the gray and yellow. Loving gray lately, actually, which seriously surprises me. 

Speaking of which:  
I'm trying out this fingernail polish color and I THINK IT"S AWESOME!!!!


kris said...

Oh I love gray so much now too!! And I love the skirt. I just painted my nails recently too, there is something about spring that makes me want to put color on them :)

BrieAnna said...

aw Hannah! i love your skirt its soo cute:) lol you have always been known to wear those shoes i love it:) well im on my way to florida enjoy spring break! love you.

Merritt said...

we are enjoying signs of spring here fact, both older kids got a little sunkissed today! guess i better dig out the sunscreen!!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful! We're still anticipating spring in CO but I can feel it right around the corner! PS- the name of your town is too cute!

Brooke Hereth said...