Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"How often has the Christmas tree Afforded me the greatest glee!"

I watch deals on Groupon.

Groupon is great. It offers great deal from LOCAL companies. I love the idea of supporting local companies almost as much as I love the idea of awesome deals!
One of the deals that I indulged in was a Christmas tree for us this year from prepaidchristmastrees.com.

We had it delivered this weekend and it is WONDERFUL!!!

We've only had Christmas trees 2 of our 6 past Christmases together. Mainly because they cost some money and we are always gone during Christmas anyway (and usually for 10-15 days). The two years that we have had trees, we cut them down from Pike National Forest outside of Colorado Springs. We were a day too late to get our permit this year to cut down our tree. I LOVED getting our tree delivered - it is fresh and purchased from a company completely run by a local family. 
It's just beautiful!!! This Noble Fir is a lot fuller than any tree we have ever cut from our National Forests. 
And it smells amazing.

We love it!


Merritt said...

love it hannah. and i've gotten some steals from groupon!

Brooke Hereth said...

thanks for the tip, my mother will enjoy that!