Thursday, December 16, 2010

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches over me

(photo by Saul Granda)

You know that things have been kind of tricky for us over the past few years. I love my work with ACSl's Sponsorship program and have been committed to it for over four years. However, when I started working from home over 3 years ago, we found ourselves without health insurance so I picked up a part time job at Starbucks for our two years in Illinois.

When we relocated here we had the same problem (no health insurance). Instead of my getting a part time insured job (which drove us both semi crazy previously), I enjoyed the mountains and leisurely days working from home. I am grateful that in our 18 months here in Utah, we have never had to test our catastrophic health insurance.

Last December I was informed that my program was going to be ending and I needed to start looking for another job. This job search has been going on for nine months and is finally at an end. Last month, I was offered a full time job at the Aviary, which will include health benefits. (yay yay yay yay :::happy dance:::)

And I am just amazed at God's provision and timing. In all of this time, we have never been without one thing that we have needed. My contract with ACSl ends at the end of this month, and my full time job doesn't begin until January 3. Our health insurance expires in January as well.

I can't believe that we will return home from Christmas to a full time job with health benefits.  (and this story of provision is only on my side of the spectrum with important details left out - the story of how God has provided for us in the way of Landon's schooling is even more incredible!)

God's loving provision is so steadfast. I found myself frustrated and distrusting a few times during this job search, and regardless of my lack of faith and attempts of self reliance, God continued to provide for us during the search until now. He continually humbles me with his love. I am so grateful to be the daughter of such a powerful, faithful, and loving Heavenly Father.


em said...

praising God for His provision! i am excited to see where this leads your interests, heart, faith and family :) celebrating with you tonight!

Sara said...

Yeah!!! I'll do a happy dance too! That is awesome that they offered you a full time job WITH benefits! Very excited for you!!!!

kris said...

That is so wonderful to hear. God really does have a plan for us even though we may not see it. :)

Brandon and Callie said...

HANNAH!!!! we are so freakin excited about this! God is so faithful!!! what a huge answer to prayer.
B and I would love to catch you guys while you're here if you have any free time! text or call me and let me know :)

Brooke Hereth said...

God will choose the right path for you.

Sam Kurien said...

Praise the Lord Hannah, the waiting is also what gets me. It has been a roller coaster year at acsi too but God is in control and He works out everything for good. Thank you dear friend for the encouragement. love and blessings to you and Landon.


Brian Dreiling said...

That's awesome, Hannah. Great testimony to God and His promises. Good luck.