Wednesday, May 12, 2010


sorry i've been an awful blogger lately. And I'm also sorry because I don't see myself getting more disciplined about this any time soon.

Things are crazy with my work with ACSI. Closing out my time with the program is time consuming and emotionally painful.

We are visiting family soon, which I am looking forward to. I will take a ton of pictures of my new niece and nephew to bestow upon you once we return.

Landon and I spent our weekend out of doors. Rock climbing again for the first time in six months was great. I love being within the canyons - so beautiful.

Our 10 month lease is up on our house in June, so we are starting to gear into the summer move mentality again. Although, we are so lucky this summer. This is the first move in the last 6 years that has not been out of the state. The idea of packing up a truck and taking multiple trips and spending less than thousands of dollars is exciting to us! We decided to move into Salt Lake City, if we can find a place. We're just a little too far away from the things that we are regularly involved in. It would be great for Landon to have a 15 minute commute to class and study groups instead of 30 minutes each way. But we're holding off on moving until I have a job, which isn't looking too promising for June. But you never know ;)

Right now I am at Starbucks, trying to compose a letter for ACSI sponsorship. I'm having severe writer's block, so I thought I'd just toss you a line, my dear faithful readers.


bboutique said...

we need to get together again to finish our pillows. I have most of the flowers done :) And when you do decide to move, let us know and we would be happy to help.

Brooke Hereth said...

weird picture.

Brie said...

... i dont know what to comment on lol haha but i love you:)

Merritt said...

so excited to see you guys so soon. avery has been asking to move to africa...maybe you could bring her a cool picture or 2 from when you guys were there? she'ld love to see them!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Obviously you don't know me, but.... I was working on my blog, and before clicking off of it decided to click the "next blog" button. Something I rarely do anymore. I had just finished putting a "slow blogger" button on all of my blogs, and then I read that you are having some issues with posting regularly.

As I read down on your posts, I find to my delight, that you have the Be good Tanya's on your play list, I LOVE them, and don't have any of their music, so what a treat. And funnily enough, your birthday is one day after mine. So belated Happy Birthday. Just fun coincidences, or something that I was meant to see?

You decide, but I love my visit to your blog. And thank you.

Muddy Boot Dreams

Brie said...

i would love to see a picture of you in africa also:D