Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A quick re-cap: 

This is an awesome video that John and Jon put together of our rock climbing trip last week while they were in town with Paramore. Landon and I had a blast with them and loved their show. It was definitely one of the most exciting and enjoyable days we have had in a very long time.

Landon is cooking dinner every night lately since he has completed his Spring semester (with straight A's btw!). I love that.

I spent the weekend with Mom and Janelle. We had a girls' weekend. It was wonderful.

We are making some difficult decisions lately. I am torn between what we need and what we need. We need to not be homeless and jobless and are very seriously on the brink of this. Of course we can work multiple part-time jobs in order to pay our rent  and utilities.... or we could just hold out on this plan for a few more months and live a little wild and adventurous. We don't really need jobs if we're not paying any bills. Unless we just want to stock up on money, which a lot of people see value in. This summer weather has me craving wilderness lately. Fiercely. I don't want a weekend away in the mountains where I sit around and pray about my job situation and brainstorm all that needs to get done for sponsorship come Monday. I want some real wild - deep in the mountains, with no agenda but to smell the trees and dip my feet into the rivers and watch clouds and stars and climb higher.

But I do get this way every once in awhile. I am used to packing up and moving and changing and once I settled somewhere for awhile, no matter how wonderful, the vagabond in me surfaces and I crave something less civilized.


Lindsey said...

Wait...how do you know the members of Relient K?

Hannah said...

Landon grew up with Jon's wife. And she has grown to be my cyber buddy through blogs and fb :). We just met these guys for the first time when we picked them up for climbing. great guys.

Brooke Hereth said...

that seems really cool hannah. :) love you with all my HUGE heart.