Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mornings with Duvi

I really love this little guy. 

He turned 3 a few weeks ago.

He loves to eat ice. 

And he whines in the kitchen whenever we are cooking meat. He goes crazy for it. So we put some chicken skin in with his dinner. He is in heaven.

This doggy loves to make us happy. He has an approval addiction just like his momma. Which makes him pretty wonderful to have around and pretty easy to please. 

Duvi and I get to spend our mornings together. Landon wakes up a few hours after we do, so we get this time together just the two of us. When I go into the garage to let him out of the kennel in the morning, I hear his puppy tail banging on the insides of the kennel - he's happy to see me too!

He's so affectionate, he just wants to spend the morning nestling with me and getting petted. If I'm too deep into my work on the computer and somehow neglect him, he will walk up beside me and start licking my fingers while I try to type. It's annoying. Pretty soon, though, he goes and lays down outside of the bedroom door waiting for his hero to wake. Yeah, once I get hired somewhere, I will miss mornings with my pup.


Lindsey said...

I miss Duvi!!!!

Brooke Hereth said...

he is so cute and reminds me of my puppy! she just turned 6 and a half months though.

em said...

oh i have the same love of dogs you do! what wonderful time you have with him. he's adorable and dogs simply are the best. always adoring! enjoy :)

As Lovers Go said...

Animals are so comforting and loving :)

Tricia F said...

he's adorable. he and Nala would be good friends. so glad God gave us animals to love so unconditionally.

Brie said...

he is so cute! i miss him alot good times i had with him, and landon at the lake:)

Josephina Finchworth said...

We had a Weimaraner! His name was Philip. He's been gone a while, but he was with us for almost 11 great years.

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