Monday, November 2, 2009

Things I'm loving lately

Tootsie Rolls

(photo by musicrox)

Living in a state where the number of children per household is much larger than the national average, i thought to purchase twice the amount of Halloween candy than i usually do. I guess i probably spent $15 on candy (and i think that's A LOT - maybe i just don't really know). At the end of the night we had 2 (TWO!!!) groups of trick-or-treaters. And the first was sent to my house by their sweet mother who is my friend, delivering yummy pumpkin cookies for us. Since they were our only kids all night, i told them to take whatever they wanted. They took all of our candy except the tootsie rolls. They left those behind for us. Tootsie's are my most favorite candy, so i was pleased.

New Moon

(photo by ALA)

I'm doing a re-read of New Moon in preparation to see the movie in a few weeks. My sister downloaded the audio book on my ipod while i was home this summer, so I'm about 300 pages into it and i've only actually read about 40 pages. It's great to get to listen to the book while i'm traveling through airports and on airplanes during this busy convention season. Can't wait for the movie to get in theatres. It's so fun.


(photo by Ola Czechowska)

I will definitely contribute an entire post to this. But I am so excited to have two new baby McBrayers in the family in the last few weeks! AND two more McBrayers on the way. Not to mention that 4 of my friends are pregnant. Wow! Babies, babies, babies! Just love 'em!

Meeting People

(photo by spring stone)

It's been really fun to meet people at ACSI Conventions. This is my fourth year going to conventions, and it is so fun to reconnect with people I have seen in past years. This last week i had my booth smack dab between two amazing men who started their own ministries and God was using them mightily to make a huge difference in the lives of many people. And i was so humbled and blessed to be next to them and hear their stories. They blessed me a lot.

Though my favorite thing about conventions this year is meeting sponsors! I sent an invitation to people who sponsor our students that live in proximity to our convention location. i have been SO BLESSED to meet and hug and chat with our devoted sponsors. It's such a treat to put faces with names and finally get to thank them personally. I am amazed by their generosity and dedication and am so humbled and grateful to know them!


Merritt said...

we have 2 common things we're loving lately - the obvious being babies but i'm finally reading the twilight serie! i'm also finished with the 4th book - they're great! looking forward to getting to hug your neck next month!

Erin said...

Great pregnant woman photo. Glad you enjoyed the conference.