Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more Things i'm Loving Lately

some things that i'm really enjoying right now that i was thinking you should know about and maybe give a try:

Aquafresh iso-active foaming gel. We are die-hard Aquafresh brushers and have been for many years, so we thought we'd try this funky new stuff. It is incredible. My teeth are squeaky clean!

Jon Schmidt's CD. This man is an amazing pianist and a wonderful performer. I was very fortunate to see him live with a few girlfriends in September. He's awesome. This CD features him playing piano, with some Cello and percussion accompaniment .

Socks. I noticed that the last time we did laundry, there were lots of socks! That means that fall is full-blown here! No more Chaco's for now - or no more Chaco's without some thick fleece socks, at least.

"In Christ Alone" is such an amazing song. I love singing it and I finally printed off the chords so i can pound it out on the piano. It's amazing. (this isn't my favorite version - but at least this one allows me to imbed the whole song - the getty's only let me imbed the first 30 seconds). Isn't it beautiful? "Here in the love of Christ I stand!"

This hour between 7 and 8 when i get to hang out and drink coffee and play around before I begin my work day! I've even been able to watch the sunrise lately.

Real Simple. I love this magazine. I cranked out some of last month's recipes recently, which were a little quirky. We usually love the recipes and I really enjoy reading this mag every month. Full of wonderful ideas, encouraging stories, and great resources. Just got my December issue in the mail yesterday :)

Aveda Men exfoliating conditioner. Mom buys Landon and Janelle and I fancy shampoos each year for Christmas. She got these for Landon last year and i LOOOVe the way that Aveda products smell. Landon only uses the conditioner when he has long hair, which hasn't been since before the summer, so I get to use it as much as I want - he says - so I have been. And i Looove the way my hair smells!


Kristen said...

I love real simple too. You are brave for trying the recipes from last month, they all seemed a little intense for me :)

Erin said...

A great song. Just makes me happy and lifts my spirits when I hear it.

em said...

LOVE the Getty's and that song. love chaco's with socks :) (it's the hippie in me!).
love Real Simple, just got mine too.