Monday, November 9, 2009

Russell Crowe movie marathon

Last week we unconsciously rented three Russell Crowe movies in a row from netflix.

A Beautiful Mind

The Insider

Mystery, Alaska

Good movies. Good actor. I especially love Mystery, Alaska. Those movies that take place in beautiful mountains always make me want to just give in and get rid of everything except my sleeping bag and snow shoes and finally embrace the wild mountain woman inside of me that sometimes is really difficult to deafen. If you haven't seen this movie, you really should. There is wonderful scenery, it's hilarious, and heart warming in a Rudy sort of way.  Here's the trailer:


Erin said...

I enjoy Russell Crowe's work. He seems so genuine. I must watch the Mystery Alaska movie. Thanks for recommending some movies. Have a blessed and exciting week.

Sam Kurien said...

hey Friend...just found your blog site. Hey check out mine I have started blogging again

hey when are you coming back to the Springs?

love and blessings to you and Landon


The Jardons said...

i love russell crowe ... one of my absolute favorites is "a good year" ... so cute and funny you have to see it if you haven't

Kristen said...

We recently watched The Gladiator with him in it. (We have an edited version which makes it even better without all the blood and guts) love that movie. :)

Hannah said...

thanks for your comments, friends. i haven't seen "a good year" - i'll have to rend it! and i have added "the gladiator" to my netflix list. that movie is awesome!