Friday, July 10, 2009

what's for lunch?

i guess this is a dumb post topic. seriously, i just really wanted to be committed to posting this week. I was at ACSI headquarters yesterday and then went rock climbing in the Springs so i wasn't able to post.

But really, i've been making the same "sandwich" every day this week and it is AWESOME!!! after all, my first ever job was as a "sandwich artist" so i should really rock at constructing yummy sandwiches.

I could do a really awesome job assembling this for you, like The Pioneer Woman (she is SO AWESOME and i love her food blog - great recipes), but this sandwich really isn't that awesome and i'm not as cool (or as patient, committed, talented) as Mrs. Marlboro Man.

But i really should share this with you because it is super yummy, filling, and i think it's pretty healthy.

I toast a piece of multi grain bread with cheddar on top (M&D have one of those toaster ovens, so i can do this). Then i put some thick and juicy tomato slices covering the top. Add slices of avocado completely coving the tom's - i use half an avocado. Then i drizzle the top with the tiniest bit of vidalia onion dressing. Must eat it with a fork because there is only one slice of bread - and i've tried with with two and the tomatoes and avocado slices fall right out anyway. i've added some deli sandwich cuts as well, but i prefer this thing vegetarian.

yum yum.

try it. you'll like it.


em said...

sounds delicious. and i LOVE pioneer woman :)

Colbert Family said...

sounds yummy, looks like i need to head to the store!