Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I love this stuff. It is so refreshing. First time i ever tried MetroMint, i was opening the store at 4am and my coworker was swigging some of this chilly water. i tried some. wow! but i never thought i could possibly be hoity-toity enough to buy bottled water. a few weeks later, is ran into this pretty bottle on the shelf at the supermarket above a tag that read "buy one get one free". sold. just this once. yummy!

that was a year ago.

today i was at the local organic market and saw a red "price-reduced" tag below the MetroMint bottles. It just so happened that i was speaking to my grandmother today about how wonderful MetroMint is. We were talking about how we get peeved when a bottle says "water" on it, when it's loaded with sugar or cancer-breeding aspertame when all we really want is "water" that doesn't taste simply like, well, water. This stuff is made with only 2 ingredients total: purified water, and mint. can't get simpler than that. forget all that other crap that gets into water. i want the good stuff.

well, this is it. try it. it is just so awesome.

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