Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things i am loving lately

it's that time again. i hope to get back into blogging. for this week at least. who knows where next week will take me. well, actually....we're going to utah. not much mystery here. but i do so enjoy making these lists every once in awhile. hope you enjoy. i think it's time for your "loving lately" lists too.
I've been wearing Covergirl mascara for as long as i can remember and whatever store i was at was out of what i've been using for the past however many years. so i tried something new. and i. love. it.
tiny tomatoes are the yummiest any-time-of-the-day snack.
amaretto sours. at mom and dad's house they keep the bar stocked.
watching TV lately. another luxury to enjoy at M & D's
i started a new journal. i sort of wanted to do an entire post about his, but i'll spare you. i just LOVE opening a new journal - it signifies so many things.
Colorado Springs - being home
the return of my chaco tan. about friggin time. actually, i just love that i've had enough fun outside in the sun to acquire the tan again.
watching my mother's flowers grow. she's so busy that i really enjoy tending the flowers while i'm home. it's nice.


aaron said...

sooo... Landon shaves his legs in the summer and you stop? ;)

Brooke Hereth said...

haha aaron...
that is so funny! you are so cute!