Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of july in Como

My family spent July 4th at my parent's new home in Como, CO. We had so much fun in the mountains. On Saturday Janelle and Landon and I went climbing at 11 mile canyon while my dad did some fishing in the river. It was so beautiful and refreshing to climb in the canyon over the dirt road and the gentle rolling river. We ended the climb with a repel in a hail storm.

That night we ate cheese fondue with some red wine. Then we drove into the town of Como and watched a brilliant fireworks display over the mountains. It was awesome. And totally packed with people from all over. I think it's really neat to celebrate the 4th of July with other Americans. I love that feeling of unity and pride despite who we voted for in the last election or what religion we practice, we're all Americans - i just love that.

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