Monday, June 15, 2009

Pooks' first 14er

after finishing a year of missionary work with Youth For Christ, Preston and LeeAnn came home to the States 5 months pregnant and ready for their debriefing. We had so much fun with them while they were in town. Of course, Pooks and Landon committed themselves to as much adventure as possible as they took our canoe down the Platte River twice and then hiked this massive 14er after only 3 hours of sleep. LeeAnn and i decided that when our husbands get together they revert back to those days when they were 13 trying to see how big of jumps they can handle. We were just relieved they didn't ride their bikes off of any waterfalls this time. However, LeeAnn and i did intercept them on the Platte River during a tornado warning just after they saved 2 teenage boys with a deflated raft. hm... Anyways, it was awesome to get to spend time with Pooks and LeeAnn! we've missed them a lot and living so far away, we know we won't really get to see them too often in the future. But next time we see them they'll have that little boy in tow! We can't wait!

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