Monday, June 8, 2009

Colorado is beautiful.

Of course it is.

I don't even remember what my last post was about or when it was written, so i'm not sure what to write today. Sorry i've been so out of touch, oh devoted readers - friends and family. Landon and i have been incredibly blessed to be with family these last few (extremely busy)weeks. Between our time in GA/FL and then moving to Utah where Justin and Anna and their boys met us there to help us unload our stuff in a storage unit, to spending time with my family in Littleton, and seeing Preston and LeeAnn this last weekend as they do missionary de-briefing at YFC headquarters after their year in New Zealand. Wow, we are so blessed.

Though, we have been without cell service during most of this time and internet. So i am sorry we have been so out of touch. From now until August we will be in Littleton with my family where i am going to work my booty off at ACSI and we will officially be in touch again. Dad, Landon and Janelle set up my computer in my parent's basement. So right now i am surrounded by high piles of papers and a jam-packed e-inbox. welcome back. i'm grateful that my job allows things like visiting family and relocating across the country, but sometimes it is stressful to have my personal life cluttered and surrounded amidst work. but then again, right now i'm sipping on a wonderful latte, taking a few minutes to post a new blog, and have the laundry running. you can't do that from a cubicle farm.

we were in Utah for 2 days last week unpacking and looking for a place to live. it was beautiful and just being surrounded by mountains and realizing that they would become MY mountains and that i get to live among them for the next season of my life actually brought tears to my eyes. i'm on a mission to reclaim myself. amidst 2 jobs, sleepless nights, and flatlands i somehow morphed into this cynical and sad person. the Colorado rockies, family, friends, and sunshine have already been healing me deep. i'm grateful for the potential to grow into a better person - i'm claiming a better attitude and i'm setting some boundaries. God is always at work in my life, i know this.

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