Monday, June 15, 2009

Meeting JP and Anna to unpack our stuff in Utah

We drove to meet JP and Anna in Utah. It was wonderful to see them and their boys. Every time i see my nieces and nephews I am just dumbfounded at how much they've grown. I've been so lucky to see all my nieces and nephews but 2 this summer and even though we just saw them in May for Haley and Joel's wedding, these kids have grown considerably! We really appreciated Justin and Anna making the long drive with their little boys from Durango to Ogden to help us get our stuff into a storage shed. We were so fortunate to get to stay at Anna's uncle's beautiful home in the Huntsville valley beneath Snow Basin. We were able to drive around for a few days and find out where we do and don't want to live. We will continue to search for places online and schedule another trip out there where we will meet with a realtor and hopefully find our new home.

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Anna said...

Oooo! I love that last picture!!!