Friday, June 26, 2009

Adventure again

being in Colorado has given us the opportunity to experience some glorious adventure at last. Tuesday afternoon we took our canoe down the Platte Canyon River which runs right through Littleton. It was pretty awesome. Much faster water than what i've been used to in Illinois and some pretty fun and stomach turning rapids that we got to shoot through. It was fun to be with Landon on the river - such beautiful solitude.

Landon and I have had the opportunity to be rock climbing on several occasions: both at our home crag in Colorado Springs and at some places closer to Littleton: Clear Creek Canyon and North Table Rock in Golden. I'm so grateful that Landon is such a great climber and is so patient with me. I often get either seriously freaked out when i all of the sudden realize how high i am and see the roaring river below, or really frustrated at myself for not being able to make the moves i know i should be capable of. Landon just tells me to chill out, "climbing is supposed to be fun!" Yeah i know. And it is fun. I love it. What i love the most is being in the beautiful nature that surrounds the rocks. It's awesome.

Mom and Dad recently purchased their first vacation property. So last weekend we spent a few beautiful days in Como, CO at my parent's cabin. It was beautiful and relaxing and amazing. Mom and Dad put satellite internet up there so i'm hoping to spend some time up there working this next week as i have a huge project for work. that would be awesome.

Just love being in Colorado.


Lindsey said...

...and I love that you are in Colorado!

Nicole Dow said...

Just a friendly reminder that I live about TWO MINUTES from where you are climbing I would love to see you!