Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the wild fire life

now that the weather has been a little warmer (right now it is 39 degrees - but this weekend it got to 51, so we're getting there!) Landon and i are enjoying the fire more. It's one of my favorite times - between dinner and bed time - sitting next to a blazing fire with my boys in our back yard. Now that it's getting lighter later, and because i go to bed pretty early, we've been having our fire while it's still a bit light outside, but who cares - no need for fires to only be in the dark!

And it's the wildest i ever feel out here. ha! pretty pitiful, that. sitting beneath the bare branches of our silver maples, amidst duvi's land-mines, between the fences of our neighbors houses, just yards from our home - is our world of wild! i love how refreshingly delicious s'mores are every time, and how my hair smells like smoke and my feet are cold and my hands are warmed by the flames. and it just feels a bit primitive, but mostly just a bit wild.
i LOVE it!

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Lindsay Schneck said...

girl, i hear ya. i'm not claiming to be the "outdoorswoman" that you are, but i have to get my kicks where i can find them too! there is a road right down from our neighborhood that is narrow and windy. it runs by a creek and has a canopy of trees over it. i drive on it every day and for just a brief moment i pretend i'm far far away :) i hope you get the "wild" you are longing for very soon!