Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Rain, rain go away
come again some other day
if you don't, i don't care,
i'll pull down your...

i've been humming this little ditty from my childhood in my head today - as we have had day after day after day of rain here in the soggy mid-west. and it just dawned on me that the words as i remember them make no sense at all. please, someone, how does this little rainy-day chant actually go?


Lindsay Schneck said...

i always thought it was

"rain, rain go away,
come again some other day.
little children want to play.
rain, rain go away."

then of course

"if you don't, i don't care.
i'll pull down your underwear."

but that's probably just the GA version. who knows!

Lindsay Schneck said...

ooooohhhhhh i found you a treat :)

Hannah said...

Lindsay, that link is AWESOME!