Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautiful day

Today has been a day for short sleeve shirts and skirts and sandals. wow, it has been too long...
The weather has been in the upper 60's, without much wind, and utter blue skies! it has been the best weather of 2009, and i even had the morning off at Starbucks today! woohoo!
Though landon has been studying like crazy to perpare his thesis defense for tomorrow (a BIG deal), he fit duvi and i into a few hours of his afternoon outside.
And the best thing about living here is that beautiful river and the trail beside it, so we spent our afternoon in the SUNSHINE (yay!) walking on the trail with our sweet puppy. we eventually tarried off the trail to the river and watched duvick swim for awhile. what a beautiful day!
****note: would have actually POSTED this on Friday (now Sunday morning) but cound't get the picture to upload - what the heck!

p.s. Landon passed his thesis! yay! he is amazing and i am so proud of him - what an accomplishment.


Cindi said...

congrats to landon for finishing/passing his thesis! and to you for being able to enjoy a nice day in the sun. you deserved a pretty day with your boys :)

Lindsey said...

congrats to Landon!!!!