Monday, December 17, 2007

Wonderful Wintry Day!

Landon and i had an amazing Sunday. As you know, Landon is done with his fall semester (YAY!!!) So i had him ALL TO MYSELF on Sunday! We went to church and then we went cross country skiing, and then to starbucks (Landon's idea - not kidding!). Then we took a nap and then went to a movie (INTO THE WILD) and then out to dinner. Awesome day! I totally cherish days like these.

Well, it snowed ALL DAY Saturday! But it was one of those beautiful snows, where it is not icy and windy, but a sweet, warmer, calmer, continuous snow. Which yielded a sunny Sunday, perfect for skiing! We went to a different park for skiing yesterday. Besides dodging snowmobielers, it was really peaceful. Landon made a comment, that since we are pretty much the only people out in the snow, it makes him feel like we are more secluded out here than we really are. I agree, and it's nice. Who would know that we're skiing in a local park - we might as well be out in the country! See Landon, skiing on water!!

When we went to starbucks afterwards in our outdoor get-up, my co-workers thought i looked a bit weird and asked me , "what's cross country skiing?" man, oh, man....

While Landon was at work on Saturday (after i got home at 1:30) i had a chance to wrap the rest of our Christmas presents. I always enjoy doing this. And this year i had a little elf who was SO helpful

(i'm SO kidding!)

Duvick's favorite game besides fetch, is for Landon to push him away and then Duvick charges back, Landon pushes him away, and Duvick comes back and tries to grab Landon's hands with his teeth. Makes it difficult for a wife to get wrapping done. When i push Duvick away from my tedious wrapping, he runs back and pounces on my back, biting my hair. Then i reach back to grab the tape way over there, and he thinks i'm laying prostrate for him, so he jumps on me and tries to bite my hands and my arms. ARGH! I was so mad, i was near hysteria. But i just laughed and laughed - that's what happens when you have a puppy who has been trained to wrestle with daddy on the living room rug...
Duvick kept grabbing my wrapped presents and carrying them around the room, so i gave him some of his own wrapping paper and ribbon to chew on. LEAVE ME ALONE, silly!


Brandon and Callie said...

oh my goodness! duvick is huge! can't wait to see y'all next week!!

Lindsey said...

sweet marmot pink! see ya soon!