Friday, December 14, 2007


Wow, i never thought i would ever say that (or type it!). Not that i'm all done drinking Starbucks coffee, i just really really really need a break from working at starbucks. I love to brighten the days of those coffee-addicts, like my local friendly barista would brighten my day back when i was a joe-addict (or at least when i used to PAY for my addiction). Really, it is a privilege and a joy. Yet, working until 10:45pm or waking at 3:15am just seems like a sacrifice that i really shouldn't have to make for the sake of some one's coffee. WHO IS AWAKE AT 4AM? and WHO DRINKS COFFEE SO LATE AT NIGHT!? Well, i guess someone does, but i just haven't met those customers yet.

Because of my heavy traveling schedule that i have had for ACSI this fall, i have had to pick up about 25 extra hours this month, making this a 39 hour work week (and that's only my starbucks hours) in order to keep my insurance with 'bucks (which took me 4 months of work before i was eligible). And, my insurance is the only reason i work for starbucks, so when i was at risk for losing it - well, that just won't happen.

Monday morning i did something that every barista shuns and avoids and hates. i "clopened" where, you close at 10:45 the night before and start work at 4am the next day. only making it physically possible for you to get 4 hours of sleep - and that's only if you can fall asleep immediately when you get home. It was awful! But i needed the hours in order to keep my insurance. So, i feel like a walking-starbucks-maniac.

I am drowning in coffee... i'm sick of the smell of steamed milk and the smell of myself when i have a layer of coffee-smell in my hair and on my clothes. i took a shower when i got home from work this morning and put on all fresh clothes from the closet and still smell like starbucks!!! eek! i think it's my bra.

Well, in these 2 weeks i only get one day off, and that day is sunday, which is soon! so i'm looking forward to that, and i really should not complain because i won't have to work for the week and a half that i have in colorado for christmas. ... but yes, for now, i am sick of starbucks.



Brandon and Callie said...

haha, i totally know the feeling of not being able to get rid of the "starbucks" stench. i also feel your pain on the working long hours. hooray for being the sugar mama while our husbands are in class:)

Brooke Hereth said...

i dont care when it spills! its goooooooooood :)))