Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Skiing in Illinois

Last night and this morning blessed us with a beautiful snow here. Our last snow ended in an ice-storm, which made the snow nasty. So this one was very welcome, with big floating flakes and sunny skies, leaving us with quite a "measurable" snow (that's what i heard it's called on the radio when it's more than an inch). We actually have about 9 or 10 inches and it's all soft and great!

This Christmas my parents bought us some cross-country skis, as we are desperately looking for some sports to enjoy here in illinois, that we don't have to have a gym membership for. We know that it is a Christmas present, but we just couldn't hold off on the chance to enjoy this sweet snow!! We had SO MUCH FUN cross country skiing in the park about half a mile from our house behind the local highschool. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Note to self, when Landon tells you to do some cool move, DON"T DO IT!

Down hill skiing, illinois style!

Look at Landon go!!! of course, someone had to cut that awesome trail for him...

Duvi boy, loving the snow!

Sunset here. The park closes at sundown, so those pretty colors through the trees were our sign to jump out of our skiis and get on home.
Our lovely 30 minutes in the snow culminated with warm cups of hot cocoa!
Now Landon's back in his books and i'm back to answering emails and sending mail for sponsorship. But it was nice to have a great break. Today was Landon's last day of classes for the semester. He gave a presentation today and turned in a paper. Just a few more papers to write and a final to study for, and come next Friday, his first semester of seminary will be complete! But until then, he is BUSY in the books!


Maryn Hill said...

i miss you!!! love seeing your pictures = )

em said...

looks like fun! and duvi is beyond adorable :0)

Lindsey said...

um could you send some of that snow this way...we have none!

Lindsay Schneck said...

your dog is seriously the cutest! he makes me want to get some more :)

Julia said...

You guys look like you had such a great time. Glad you got some time off with each other!

Brianne Michelle said...

Hannah! oh goodness, i had no idea you had posted a comment on my blog-haha! you have been on my mind a lot actually! how are you? I miss you so so much. I love your pictures, you are so beautiful! I miss snow too-haha.

ok I love you