Thursday, December 20, 2007

Please have snow and mistle-toe and [coffee] under the tree..

Going home for Christmas! There is not much more that i have been able to think about today besides me leaving tomorrow morning for my home town. I love Colorado and i miss my family tremendously. Last year we celebrated Christmas in Georgia with the McBrayer side of our family and the year before we celebrated Christmas with a few dozen orphans in 90-degree Kenya. So, this will be our second Christmas in CO since we've been married, but our first in the last few years.

Wow, just can't wait! I borrowed some of John Fielder's pictures of my hometown for you!

Roxborough state park a stone-throw south west of Littleton.

Sunrise on Grant Lake in my parent's neighborhood.

Here it is!

So Landon's already on his way. he and duvick crammed themselves along with our junk into Landon's blazer this morning and left around 6am. I will leave around 4:30tomorrow morning in order to catch the first flight out of here to meet up with them tomorrow morning. My boys should arrive to my parent's house tonight. I'm a bit jealous that they get to have a reunion without me...but i'll follow just 12 hours later.

So, these next 12 days we'll be in Colorado. To those of you who we dearly love, whom we will not get to see this year, please know that we do miss you and think of you. As we all celebrate Christ together this Christmas, we are in the same heart! We love you all and wish you a safe and joyous Christmas.

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