Friday, November 30, 2007

the raking of the leaves

it took only one night of below-freezing temperatures to usurp our golden, dangling maple leaves and wither them to the earth...leaving us with a yard full of leaves! our land-lord left us only one rake (and who wants to buy another one when that means that she would have to help!), so landon spent several hours of wooing the leaves to the curb.

we have the coolest waste management system here than anywhere else i've ever lived! it's great: we have the opportunity to recycle EVERYTHING recyclable for only $4 a month! and beyond that, during the weeks of november, the WM guys come around in this special jumbo-vacuum truck and suck up all of the trees in the neighborhood - if they're swept to the curb.

landon and i have decided that we're pretty sure that we had the most leaves of anyone in our neighborhood. oh yeah, and what is really awesome is that our neighbor, whom we have never before spoken to, came over into our yard with his leaf blower and let landon borrow it - then he came with his rake and helped landon before it got dark! what a nice guy. that was surely a blessing. the more i get to know our neighbors, the more i like living in this neighborhood.

one thing my colorado-born-and-raised mind can't understand..... why is our grass still green and my mums still blooming purple?

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