Friday, November 16, 2007

The grind

here are some interesting pictures from our life...

This is the extent of my Thanksgiving decorations - and i actually burned the ceiling of my house with the candles. oops!

A few weeks ago, the fire people were coming around through the neighborhood and "flushing" the fire-hydrants. This was shooting 3 times as far when i ran to grab the camera. This is also a picture of our front yard.

Landon's most recent instance of Grilled chesse blasphomy.

Back to it. Life. I haven't had the chance to read in awhile. I've been drinking coffee a lot more lately. I woke only 3 hours after Landon went to bed this morning. This is life. Landon's been cranking out the hours on his first of 3 majors papers this last month of the semester. While he's at his computer, I am frantically busy at mine, trying to catch up with sponsorship matters, as my trips out of town put me majorly more behind.

It was Landon's idea when we first moved here to put our desks in different rooms. Mine is in the main room, which gets the most sunlight. landon's is in the "study" (the smallest room in the back of the house), which gets the least sunlight. But i guess that's appropriate, as i work at my desk during the day and he works at his desk during the night. But on days that Landon is not at school or Erehwon and we are both at our desks, i guess he had great foresight in putting our desks in separate rooms. As I am easily distracted and he needs quite and structure.

So, nothing new here, just back to our jam-packed days of nothing too exciting. Though, this week has been COLD! My mornings working at the drive-thru at Starbucks in the dark have been very challenging because they have been SO COLD! it is difficult for me to make change, when my fingers are so numb and hard to nimble-out the change. This morning when i arrived to work at 3:55a the sprinklers were going, and before the sun came out, our customers were sliding through the drive-thru on patches of black-ice! That makes for happy customers: not only are they sleepy, without caffeine, on their way to work, and freezing cold, they are challenged by black ice! Sometimes our customers are so uninspiring. Oh, except yesterday - i had two customers purchase the coffee for the cars behind them! Wow!


Sara said...

Your life sounds like ours...each of you sitting at your respective desk doing work ;) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Maryn Hill said...

i want the person in front of me at bucks to buy me coffee...