Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dirty Duvick

This is the look Duvick gives us when he's in trouble. Only, in this picture he is not in trouble, but he IS very dirty and landon is giving him a "bath" (just rubbing him down in the river). Duvick actually never gets a REAL bath, because he's an outside dog and the oils on his fur take a long time to build up and they are very valuable in keeping him warm and dry in the winter. so, we just love our stinky, dirty boy.

Wow, look at him book it toward the water to get that retrieve!

Dirty toes.

Super boy!!! and he is not carrying a roll of toilet paper.

um, there was a puddle of leaves here in the calm of the river and Duvick through it was land - he jumped right in and was covered in whatever it was that was floating on the water - gross!


em said...

what kind of dog is duvick? he's beautiful and i'm pretty obsessed with dogs these days...
OH and i love the leaf pictures-you two are so cute!

Brandon and Callie said...

i love all the pictures from this weekend! brandon and i can't wait to catch up in person.