Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Nest: What I made

I had so much fun preparing for Little Baby by crafting. I put together this post with tutorials that guided my creations. It will be nice to refer to later.

Gillian, 4 months
Crib Sheets with a Tutorial from Dana Made It
(she has the best tutorials) The first sheet I made is in the picture above. I looooove this seersucker sheet, but 2 yards of fabric doesn't always end up to be cheaper than the sheets at target. This one cost me about $15 of fabric. But, it is absolutely adorable. And I love my baby in this color so the pictures of her on this sheet are some of my favorite pictures.

I made 2 flannel crib sheets (I couldn't find ANY to buy online) from a grey twin sheet set that I got at target for $15. I even had fabric left over to put together a Sheet Protector to match (didn't have a tutorial for this, but it was pretty easy to just guess!) and a changing pad cover too. That was a great deal.
sheet protector

Gillian, 1 day old. Still in the hospital
Gauze Swaddle Blankets from Dana Made It, once again.
I even dyed one of them a beautiful teal color, which was very fun. BUT it was a little rough on Gillian's new-born skin and gave her a tiny rash on her chin during her first week of life.

4 weeks old
Changing Pad Cover
I actually made 3 of these. When Gillian was a newborn we would go through several in one day. The tutorial is pretty decent. It's my favorite way to sew: just trace, pin, and stitch. I hate to measure and iron and all that kind of sew-correctly stuff.

you've seen these pics. dyed this onesie orange

i love the kimono shirt - dyed it teal

Dyed White Onesies (and other stuff)
I wanted to add a little variety to my baby's onesie collection, so dyed some green and some teal and some orange. Did the same thing to burp rags.

made Dooney his own burp cloth with camo and hunter's orange
Burp Rags
These I just added flannel fabric to baby cloth pre-fold diapers.
I also received some of these as gifts. And I have used My baby is full of puke. Seriously is a pukey kid. Both of our moms were so surprised at how pukey she was especially as a newborn. Our doctor called her a "happy spitter", which just means that she pukes a lot but it doesn't make her mad or cause her to lose weight or anything. So she wasn't colicky or diagnosed with reflux, thankfully. She just pukes a lot.

little Chickadees on a piece of wood from the Wasatch. How perfect.
Door Sign
I grew up with a "Hannah's Room" sign on my door until I was a teenager. And I loved it. I wanted Gillian to have something for the front of her bedroom door as well. Landon and I found this beautiful wood blown off of a tree up Millcreek Canyon while we were hiking at the end of last summer. We collected it and I had in mind that I would paint something on it for our baby's room. I love how it turned out. And I love that it is natural. The perfect addition to her little Nest.

glider. Gillie, 4 or 5 weeks
Glider Slip Covers
These were the most difficult things to make. I could have made it easier on myself, possibly. I made these similar to the changing pad covers: trace, cut, pin, sew, velcro.... Surprisingly that tactic worked just fine. I love the way they turned out and they certainly add a lot of character to our Chickadee's nest (and it is wonderful to get to wash them - i can't believe how messy they get (see "Burp Rags" above).

Diaper Sprayer
Landon constructed a diaper sprayer for our cloth diapers. It has been a lifesaver. I've heard moms say that you don't need one until babies start eating solids. I disagree. You are supposed to soak your soiled diapers in water before you wash them. Instead of doing a soak cycle, or putting my diapers in a water pail (which is a drowning hazard), I just spray off the dookie-mess and then it remains wet until it is washed later that day or the next. The DIY sprayer is easy, although landon had a little difficulty coming by all of the pieces.

Breast Pads

I also made some other stuff like a cloth diaper, cloth wipes, hair thingies, car-seat strap covers, etc.... but that's about it.

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