Saturday, June 29, 2013

The cuteness never ends

Gillian went "swimming" for the first time yesterday.

All ready for the pool!

It was 102F yesterday and 103F today, so I sunk (get it..."sunk"?) $4 into an itty bitty inflatable pool so Gillie-Bean could enjoy a new first (except I think we enjoy firsts more than she does), and cool off.

This is the first moment Landon put her feet in the water.
Our baby has been in nice warm baths in the sink and the tub. Although, we are always scrubbing or rinsing her. She hasn't been able to enjoy much of her own free movement and exploration in water. Also, she has never been in anything cooler than body temperature. When Landon first put her feet in she let out a little squeal. She wasn't so sure about it all at first.

This is Gillian's concentration face. She wore it almost the entire time.

She really got into it eventually and splashed at the water with both hands.

Startled herself several times with water in her eyes and on her face

Look at the concentration on this little face!!!

Baby bottom is so precious.
She was so tired after playing that I had to rouse her 6 or 7 times while I was feeding her. I laid her down right afterward even though it was 30 minutes before her bed time and she fell asleep instantly. She even slept longer last night than she ever has before. 

Landon and I had so much fun with her in the pool, and if you can't tell, Gillie enjoyed herself as well. 

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