Friday, October 22, 2010

Making it Scary

I don't own any Halloween decorations. Not. Even. One.

I have TONS of Autumn decor, which is lovely because Autumn lasts longer than Halloween. I can leave that loveliness up until the end of November!

Growing up, my mother decorated for every single holiday (like, EVERY one!), which my little sister and I LOVED. Although when Halloween came around, we had a rule - Halloween must be celebrated in a Christian manner. So nothing magical or gross or evil or dead. We had a lot of pumpkins and artful little skeletons and black cats, but nothing evil allowed. When other girls were witches for Halloween, I was an Indian Princess or a Rock Star or Cheerleader. Very wholesome. And Dad had to check through all my candy when I got home before I could eat any of it.

I ran into this idea online a few days ago and thought that it would be a very easy start to Halloween decor.

I got this idea from Dana's blog. If you have never been to MADE, you have to go. You really do. She has 4800 subscribed followers for a reason. Very creative and wonderful lady. And she's a miracle worker with the sewing machine.

She got the idea from Country Living. Their bat template is here.

And if you stop by the bat cave this Halloween, you will be greeted by my winged friends with enough candy for everyone!

Can you tell by my pictures that we're having a cold cloudy morning in SLC? And we're expecting snow on the slopes this weekend (eeee!!!! yay!)


Anna said...

What are those made out of? Paper?

Hannah said...

Yeah, Anna, they're just black paper. I used only 10 pieces of paper and got 3 bats from each page. Super fast and easy! I actually thought of all the nieces and nephews while I was doing it and I especially thought of you since you don't have much decorating room at your place!

Brooke Hereth said...

That is a WONDERFUL idea! i have to try that sometime...if my mother let us do halloween. cause she says its satans holiday. so it sucks. i dont like any of the evil stuff or the candy, just hanging out with friends being dressed up all cool.