Monday, October 11, 2010


One of my favorite cold weather enjoyments are fires.

This weekend I went camping with a handful of women from Salt Lake City and I ended up sitting beside the fire for probably 10 hours, as the night was below freezing and it was dark by 7:30p and we cooked (except i did zero cooking) all of our meals over the fire in dutch ovens (a new experience for me - and it was a long process but so so so yummy!). I came home smelling like smoke. And I was wondering if people used to smell like smoke all of the time - when fire was the only option for warmth in the winter months and cooking year-round. 

For the first time in 4 years, we live in a house with a fireplace. 
It's a gas fireplace, but it's still a fireplace.

Today I have had it roaring in the other room because my house is cold and we haven't gotten the furnace winter-ready yet. I love having the heat from the fire permeate through the house. I especially love the emotions and feelings that a fire in the fireplace evoke in me. Every home in my childhood had a fireplace and it reminds me of family and security and warmth.

What about you? 

Do these pictures make you feel any certain way?
Sorry, no picture credits for any of these

I can almost smell this picture!

This one confuses me a little but it still looks nice. I can't decide if it's warm or cold out there.


This one I love especially. This is Snowbasin, and the cafe' where Landon and I enjoyed our lunch every day on the slopes. So warm and cozy next to the fire and beautiful views and cozy chairs. I will miss that this year.


Brandon and Callie said...

i especially like the one with the christmas tree :)

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