Thursday, September 23, 2010


8 years ago I inherited a piece of furniture from my mom's dad. It was perfect timing because that Fall I was moving into my first apartment. I transferred from APU to UCCS with only two weeks before classes started. UCCS is predominantly a commuter campus anyway, so by the time I enrolled, there were no openings for me in the dorms. So...I lived in an apartment that year by myself. My mother helped me find it, and since she was paying the bills, she was also pretty insistent the I lived somewhere "nice" (i have never lived anywhere as nice since!). It was great to live somewhere big and clean and modern but this also made it so that no one would move into the second bedroom/bathroom because half of the rent was still more than they wanted to pay.

So I lived alone that entire year, which sometimes was great. And that extra bedroom housed by keyboard, desk, and papasan.

I like the papasan. It's a comfy piece of furniture. I don't really like it in the living room with the rest of my furniture, but that's where it lives right now. Our third year of marriage, Landon and I lived in a place too small for all of our furniture so we actually put it out on our back porch. This poor couch is very old, and obviously weathered. And because it came from my mom's dad, it lived in Florida. So the wood is covered in a white-wash stain, and the cushion was sea green with huge orange flowers! you know, just my style.

These last 3 years, I've noticed that every time i vacuum, there are little flakes of the white-wash stain on the ground below the papasan, so I've had it in the back of my mind to refinish it.

So several hours and $7 of paint later, I have a much nicer looking piece of furniture that so far hasn't been a flaky mess and is much more my style.


kris said...

looks good!

Brooke Hereth said...

that looks amazing hannah (:

Anna said...

Nice job Hannah. It's beautiful.

Merritt said...

wow hannah. looks great!

Brie said...

very well hannah. great job. see you soon in the mountaina:)