Monday, September 27, 2010

Easy Fall Craft

While Mom was in town, we made this craft while watching a movie. It was very easy and fun. I think the kids could even do it - or at least you could do the cutting and connecting and they could open them up to form the pumpkins.

The only thing i would add to her tutorial is that on a few of my pumpkins I had to use some dental floss to connect the two brads so that i would achieve more of pumpkin shape instead of just a ball. I had fun using different papers and different scissors - very cute and fun and easy craft to try!!


Anonymous said...

Cute and easy! Thanks Hannah :) fall always puts me in a crafty mood.

Brooke Hereth said...

that is so beautiful and so easy! i lovvvve it!

Sara said...

Just made some pumpkins while watching Glee! Too bad we don't live in the same place and couldn't make pumpkins together while watching Glee. Happy Fall! (still loving the 80 degree weather here though with the crisp nights though I wish the leaves changed color)