Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hiking Ruth Lake

Sunday we paid our $6 bucks to drive the winding Mirror Lake Highway through the beautiful National Forest. We decided to hike Ruth Lake again. It's a great place for us to hike: We don't have to bring water because there is so much water in the area, we can pack whatever we want because the hike is so short, there are unique limestone cliffs  to enjoy rock climbing, and it is absolutely beautiful.

Although it was Labor Day and the day hikers/fisher-people were everywhere, Doons and I were able to find a spot off the trail beyond a few little ponds that looked perfect for our little tent. This are had been pretty untouched. There was no trail that led through the woods - don't worry we tread lightly. And there was no evidence of a fire pit there in years. So despite the gazillions of cars parked at the trail head, we were relatively secluded and completely undisturbed - we didn't see anyone else the entire time we were camping. 

putting up the tent

While we were putting our camp together, I accidentally tipped our beers over and this one got a hole in it, we decided to down the beers while the weather was still warm.

Mr. McBrayer is the ultimate mountain man. He did everything - I felt like i was staying at a 5 star hotel. He gathered the water, cooked the dinner, made our morning breakfast, did the dishes, and woke me up with a cup of fresh coffee. 

cooking dinner

gathering water

Here are some pictures of the hidden beauties in the woods:

Duvick was the ultimate guard dog. He ran around smelling everything the entire time, and if he was sitting, which was rare, he was alert and growling. Ha! He ran around all night, growling, barking, chasing squirrels up trees, digging a bee's nest out from under the ground, and having the time of his life. 

guard dog duvi

once we got home, duvick slept for about 20 hours. not kidding.

we are our dinner on these rock slabs behind our tent. it's amazing what glaciers have done to the landscape here. just amazing that there are these rock fields all through the woods, glacial debris.  it was beautiful to watch the alpine glow on the cliffs.


Janelle said...

Look like a lot of fun. You'll have to take me to that spot next time I visit.

Kara said...

I know you live out west and all, but it still surprises me that you're in fleece jackets, mittens and hats and I'm walking around my city in flip flops.

Preston said...

Nice morning stretch routine picture of Doons. The last thing I wanted to see was my bro in long underwear stretching....

Hannah said...

pooks, that's hilarious. i love it - and thanks for your comment!
kara, it was below freezing that night, but in town today it's 75 and i'm wearing jeans and a tank top - so it's not cold yet out here at 4500ft.

Merritt said...

what a great time of year for you guys to be outdoors. we're jealous! and i really love the butt shot of landon in the long johns!

Brooke Hereth said...

ohhh pookssss! that looks amazing! come kidnap me and take me with you!

Brie said...

wow i love all those pictures. whats with the mcbrayers in hikinh? haha