Friday, June 25, 2010

Savoring Kaysville Evenings

(all pictures are of the mountains behind our house from our back porch)

I've never lived somewhere with days as long as these. In Utah we are farther west than anywhere else I've ever lived in the Mountain Standard Time zone. So after the sun goes down behind the Rocky Mountains for my Front Range friends and family, it is still shining on us. And the Rocky Mountains are east of us, so we get to watch the sun travel all the way to the bottom of a flat horizon (for us - the Great Salt Lake). So Landon and I have been enjoying our evenings outside in our back yard lately, watching the sunset, and enjoying the twilight until about...9:30. Wow.
We are moving on Tuesday. So I am trying to savor the remainder of our days with our big yard and mountain views. Where we are moving we will be squished between other little bungalows, unable to see the mountains from our back porch or windows. Although we will be much closer to the mountains and much closer to school -  so we are so very excited! I just know that the peace and joy of catching a glance at my favorite beasts whenever I pass through a room with Eastern facing windows won't be in my every day. Not at home. But i'm hoping to get out of the house anyway and find a job in the city.
Yes, my friends, things here are surely changing...


Brooke Hereth said...

beautiful place! :)

sam said...

Where are you guys moving?

blessings friend, be safe.