Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now on to Captain Red-Beard

Our days are a bit different lately, with Landon out of school now. I think I babble too much about me. And I know that some of you come to this blog with a deeper interest in Mr. McBrayer than his hot-stuff wife, so today it's all about him (without his prior approval).

Landon has been busy busy busy with things around the house and around town. He has been given his teaching assignment for this fall semester. He will be teaching an under-grad course in philosophy and religion, as he is the resident expert. So Landon has been planning and reading for that class. On top of this he and some of his philosophy buddies have put together a reading/paper writing study group just for kicks. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Those graduate students...

Doons found us a house to rent come July, which is an amazing blessing! It is about 3 miles from his school and only a few blocks from an organic foods store and coffee shop. And don't forget, only 15 minutes from the ski slopes (And our open invitation still stands) We are so grateful for a home to rent! (and I had a job interview this morning for a wonderful organization - so we will see where that takes us). God is opening doors for us here and we are so grateful for his provision.

Mr. McBrayer has been de-winterizing our house and getting it ready not only for the summer but for our move in a few weeks.

He got in a few more days of skiing before the snow turned to sludge:

And yesterday he waxed the last of our skis, putting them in hibernation for the summer months.

And on top of all of that, he has been an amazing chef and wonderful support to me as I continue to work with sponsorship and job search. 

Just a little update. And he has facebook now. So shout him a hollar!


Lindsey said...

That job could not be more perfect for you!!!

Brooke Hereth said...

perfect job for a perfecty rocker!!!