Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This was me today after my visit to the eye doctor. Gosh, one of the difficult things about moving so much is not being able to (ever) see the same doctor. Each doctor i have to give my whole story to and they want to do full examinations of me each year, blech. but anyways, this lady was my first ever female doctor and she was really nice. And now i have purchased a 6mos. supply of contacts. boring.

but, i did feel really funny wearing about one of those plastic sun-guards underneath my prescription glasses. and because i didn't have short-sighted vision for over an hour and i had light sensitivity issues for 3 hours, i couldn't come home and return to the computer to work, so i got to put in a movie!

"pride and prejudice" has become one of my all-time favorite movies.

lately i have had a HUGE URGE to escape here and live in the wild. I just want to live in some hut (please DO NOT picture thoreau here) in the mountains with my husband where we can start having kids and i can plant my own garden and we can work fun jobs to get by - we won't need much! oh, to walk through the woods and the wild flowers without guarding the time on my watch. i would love to just walk and think and sing and pray and not plan it into my day. even here, the weather is a bit too cold and too wet and the area is a bit too populated to find a place with such peace. my empty womb has been haunting me more lately. wow, that was awkwardly honest. well, it has.

new subject: callie asked about starbucks, so i shall indulge. i love working at starbucks. in fact, in the previous paragraph when i was talking of living simply off of fun jobs, i was thinking that coffee-making would be my choice of fun job. lately, people who were hired after me are getting promotions to shift-supervisor roles which is sort of weird, but i'm proud of them. if starbucks was my primary place of employment i might pursue that as well. but, because i work the minimum hours required to keep my insurance and i am picky about only working in the morning and i want all the time off that i want, i wouldn't be a good candidate for someone with a leadership role. plus, my other job gives me enough to stress about. starbucks, for me, is just...fun. some days i dread waking at 3:30am and after a few too many days in a row of that i am cranky and tired, but i really in all am so thankful! i love that both of my jobs allow me to pretty much make my own schedule. i really love my co-workers and i enjoy our regulars. i like the quite of 4am and the frantic bustle of 6 - 10am. i enjoy a perfectly steamed and crafted latte, and i love telling new customers about our coffee beans and our beverage options. i just really enjoy sharing the joy of coffee with others! (now if only i can get so evangelistic about God!).

what is funny, though, is on days like today, when i wake at 8:30am, i wake with an awful headache. yes, i am coffee-dependant (addicted). so when my body is used to having it's daily allotment of coffee by 8am and i am still sleeping, it lets me know that it's not happy about it.


Cindi said...

You're darling hannah. If it wasn't for you I'd be missing my old store all the time but you're one of the few people that when I work with you, my energy is renewed in my little starbucks job.
I'm really glad you're around. But when you pick your hut out, let me know where to send christmas cards :)

em said...

loved this post...you are adorable and i think y'all would make a cute couple living in a hut with little kids all over the place :)

Brandon and Callie said...

love it! i totally share your passion for sharing coffee with people:) and somedays (like today) i, too, long for alone time with my husband and a beautiful garden:)