Friday, April 4, 2008

For the love of Chaco

Chaco's are my favorite shoes that i have ever owned. Even more than my kangaroo-leather screw-in soccer cleats or the cinderella shoes i wore to prom jr. year.

MY Chaco's:

have walked the beaches of thailand
played soccer with the irish on the san diego shore
braved early mornings scouting elephants and lions
imprinted permanent tan-lines on my freckled feet
have walked through the streets of curacao
been fingered by 30 limuru orphans
survived white-water-rafting the nile river
hiked the trails of alaska
dangled on the back of my climbing harness
carried the dust of mexican dirt
been the victim of my puppy's lunch
ran from baboons in the african rift valley
loved the colorado snow
remembers the night landon asked me to marry him
sat beside a kentucky campfire
trudged through guatemalan villages
been fly-fishing with my father
hiked beautiful hawaii to behold pitiful waterfalls

they've joined me around the world and have been with me longer than my husband. they have captivated me so that i wish to wear nothing else (on my feet) ever again.

Chaco is a Colorado company. That's right! And they are SO socially and environmentally conscious.

if you don't have your own reasons for loving chaco, here are a few that might inspire you:
- If you buy ANY chaco footwear this year over april 25,26,27 weekend (arbor day), one tree will be planted in western colorado for EVERY pair sold! (am i inspiring you to take the initiative to buy your first (second, or third) pair?)
- they are about making the smallest impact on the environment as possible: paying their employees to BIKE to work, encouraging you to re-sole your shoes instead of throw them away,
- if you bring in an old (but not thrashed) pair of shoes to participating stores, you will get 20% off a pair of new chaco's - they will recycle your shoes by cleaning and fixing them and then sending them off to people without shoes - maybe they'll encourage some of our african friends to turn in their tire-tread for a pair of nike's.
- they donate 3% of their profits to organizations committed to caring for the planet and its people.

welp, that's just a few great reasons to wear chaco.


sandalman said...

Actually H, we donate 10% of profits now!!! Thanks for sending the Chaco love and very happy you are into the brand.


The Chaco Team

Lindsay Schneck said...

Jon threw away my chaco's b/c i wore them so much they got super stinky and worn out :) he said it was an "accident" but i know the truth! and i had just gotten them resoled... i think you have inspired me to reinvest in a new pair!

FOKUS Events said...

Just bought my second pair with my REI dividend. Now I have a pair of flips too!