Monday, April 21, 2008

Landon in New York

We have had an exciting weekend! Landon's parents came into Chicago to spend time with Justin and Anna and their boys (and us!) as Justin was presenting a paper at a philosophy conference in Chicago. At the same time, Landon flew up to New York to present a paper to a conference put on the The Society of Christian Philosophers at Niagara University. .

It was a very short trip and he says his paper went really well. He brought home some neat pictures of Niagara Falls!

Spending time with family is WONDERFUL!!! Our adorable little nephews grow so quickly and develop such unique and precious personalities. Wow, we just love them so much! and it is wonderful to be with loving family. i am grateful for our relationships with justin and anna and Charleen and Mike - they are such an encouragement in our lives and also really challenge us. I am so grateful that they love God and love us! We are so blessed!

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