Friday, August 16, 2013

Each moment is it's own

Yesterday my daughter discovered that she could roll over from her back to her front. It terrified me. I heard what sounded like her muffled cries after I had laid her down to sleep and when I ran into her room, there she was, laying on her belly and crying into her crib sheet.

I know it's a little late for her to finally be rolling from her back to her belly. We weren't stressed because we knew that she could probably do it, but that she just lacked the incentive.

Starting today our life is different. I tried to lay her on our bed for her nap (when i lay her in her crib, she fusses. Sometimes our bed fools her into a happier nap), and she completed 3 complete body rolls almost off the edge.

So starting today, we can't leave her unsupervised on the bed anymore. Which isn't that big of a deal except that is where we place her whenever we are with friends so she can nap. Now we'll have to tow around the pack-n-play. Which is why we bought it in the first place, I guess.

Whenever the Bean lays down to sleep, she simply rolls over onto her left side and sucks her left thumb and journeys off to slumber-land. Now that she has the roll down, she is having a hard time rolling onto her side and instead rolls completely over. She is roused from almost-sleep and is seriously pissed off. Replay this over and over and over  for over and hour and that is where we are at this very moment.

And I am sitting in the chair in her room watching her because she keeps getting herself stuck on her tummy against the edge of her crib (she can't roll back onto her back in both directions, just one) and I don't want her to suffocate or something. So I pick her up and lay her back on her back. But I try to fight it. I know she has to learn for herself so that I don't have to sit beside her crib every time I lay her here. But I hate seeing her struggle. And she REALLY needs to get some sleep.

Right now she is screaming in hysterics. This is really rare for my kid. the Bean just doesn't cry much at all, and if she is "crying", it is just a fussiness, not a scream-and-bellow cry.

It is amazing how quickly my child learns and grows. Where yesterday was an ordinary day, today has it's new challenges. When she got her first tooth 2 weeks ago, i told her, "from now on, you will have teeth." As with this change, "from now on, you will have control over where you want to go and you will never stay where I place you." As a mom, nothing is predictable. Each day is new. Each moment is it's own.

P.S., now an hour and a half after I laid her down, she sleeps.

(with her left thumb in her mouth)

First time sleeping on her tummy.
And I've walked into her room 5 times in the last 10 minutes to make sure she is still breathing. She is.

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