Thursday, August 23, 2007


Wow, it has been RAINING----- The above picture is of Duvick and Landon standing at a local park that is now flooded. I have never seen so much rain in my entire life. I mean, when we lived in Africa, we endured the "rainy season", but nothing like this. We're flooding everywhere. Huge puddles of standing water around our house where the mosquitos have started to put up condominiums. I usually LOVE the rain, the way it renews everything. But here, after the rain, things do not feel renewed, but bottled up and weighed down - i guess it's the humidity? I don't know, but it will take more than a month for this gal to get used to life in this town.
Though, the rain has created some wonderful training opportunities for Duvick! Landon has taken him to the park most every day to practice his commands and throw some retrieves in the grass, brush, and water. Landon is pleased with his progress. Sorry nothing too exciting going on here...
But I do really want to announce that we had a little niece born last evening!!! Greenlee Noelle McBrayer - sweet preciousness! Our third niece/nephew born in the last 4-5 months! What a blessing. Definitely pictures to come when we get them. Garrett called last night to tell us of the news and says that everyone is healthy and doing well. We are so grateful!