Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well, so here we are... sending our love to you over the internet once again because we are no longer close enough to do it in person...once again. But you're used to this right? Well, we're not really USED to it, but we hope that this somehow compensates for our absences.

We've been in Gurnee, Illinois now for 5 weeks. Within the first 2 weeks, Landon and i both found part time jobs. Mine at Starbucks, and Landon's at Erehwon, an outdoors store close to Trinity. He's starting classes next week.

We've already been to the beach (lake Michigan) quite a few times. Though we're not home-owners, we are really enjoying living in our first home! Planting flowers, playing piano late into the night, having a mailbox, garage, trees, work-bench. It's a work in progress, and it is a joy! Landon is hoping to start a few building projects when he gets the time and we get the moolah: a doggy house for our puppy, Duvick, and a climbing wall in our garage. Illinois is FLAT, with no place to climb and our calouses have already peeled from our finger-tips.

We're looking for some fun things to do outdoors and have not yet worn out taking walks by the Des Plaines River, but are hoping to invest in a kayak or some bikes.

The days are mostly hot and always humid - and i'm melting here. Memories of hot, dry Colorado summers make me resent the mosquito's and sweating glasses of water here. Though, it is growing on me. Our little "village" (though not a village) is charming. We live in an older home among other older homes in an older neighborhood where everyone paves their own driveways and we all have large yards and vast space between each other's houses. Not quite the suburbia i've always known. Our town is known for the six flags and outlet mall and not much else.

We've already had 2 groups of visitors, which has been a great blessing.

Last week we went to church for the first time and really liked the church. We'll let you know how our church-hunting progresses.

Well, friends and family, we love you and miss you dearly. We miss you! Come visit if you have the time! You are always welcome...

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Lindsey said...

the house is so cute! i want to come and visit!